QS Ranking of Canadian Universities

Check where your chosen Canadian university ranks on the QS System

The QS system ranks universities as per their global standing, and subject-wise (which includes 48 different subjects and five faculty areas) along with five regional tables. It considers the university’s reputation among other universities (40%), employers (10%), student-teacher ratio (20%), citations-academic staff ratio (20%) and international outlook including students and staff (10%) for its compilation of top universities in the world.

This comparative table shows where Canadian universities rank on the world map:

QS Ranking of Canadian universities

S.No.InstitutionQS Ranking 2019 (within Canada)QS Ranking 2019 (Globally)QS Ranking 2018 (Globally)
1University of Toronto12831
2McGill University23332
3University of British Columbia34751
4University of Alberta410990
5McMaster University5146130
6Universte de Montreal6149140
7University of Waterloo7163152
8The University of Western Ontario8214210
9University of Calgary9229217
10Queen's University at Kingston10239214


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