25 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Australia offers tons of opportunities for migrants not only in areas of education and recreation but also in employment and healthcare. Skilled migrants move to Australia to enjoy a high standard of living, get quality education and experience cultural diversity. However, before deciding to migrate it's a good idea to know some interesting facts about the country that very few people know. Whether it's the local culture, cost of living or information regarding the geography and weather, these facts cover it all.

Here are 25 things to know before moving to Australia.

1. There are many types of summer in Australia. In fact, every city has its own type of summer; in Brisbane for instance, you will experience humid weather; While Pert has a HOT summer, Melbourne and Tasmania have a COLD summer. Meanwhile, it is common to have a dry summer in Sydney.

2. Australian English is not like any other English you might already know and speak. There are some Aussie “slang” words that you absolutely ought to learn if you want to survive here. For instance, Aussies abbreviate everything.

  • Breakfast = breaky
  • Sunglasses = sunnies
  • Vegetables = vegies
  • Postman = postie
  • Superannuation = Supa
  • Afternoon = arvo

3. Australia is not a small country. The country alone is as big as the entire continent of Europe. And about 90% of the country's population lives in cities.

4. There are rules for people on the foot in Australia. Aussies not only drive on the left, they also ‘walk' on the left side of the road.

5. The country is home to more than 500 national parks with amazing untouched natural beauty waiting to be explored.

6. Australia's sun is not like the sun in any other country. No matter where in Australia you live, you need to wear sunblock all the time. Yes, all the time!

7. Australian barbecue culture is famous the world over. You will find free barbecue stations in parks and other areas so that the residents may enjoy the activity as a communal facility.

8. Contrary to the popular belief, you will not encounter wildlife everywhere. If you really want to see the kangaroos and the koalas then head towards a national or wildlife park.

9. There are over a 70 different visa classes that you can choose from to move to Australia. Of course, you won't be eligible for all of them but still it helps to know that there are many ways to come to Australia and live here. If you would like to learn more about Australian visa options, book a consultation with us anytime.

10. Aussies are famous for devouring meat of just about any kind of animal that tastes good. Beef, chicken, crocodile, kangaroos, the list goes on…

11. The national biscuit of Australia is called the Tim Tam and these biscuits are not only present in every Australian household, they are also consumed more than any other biscuit in the world. Another popular treat that you will find at kids birthday parties is Australian Fairy bread… Yum!

12. There is a long list of prohibited items that cannot be brought into the country. It's a good idea to do your research before you pack in order to avoid a confrontation at the border control.

13. The emergency number in Australia is not 911 or 1122, it is very simple and easy to remember. It's 000 and it will connect you with police, ambulance and fire services.

14. If you are looking for an apartment or a house in Australia for rent, don't be fooled by the low price mentioned. If it's $500 for example, it means $500 per week NOT per month!

15. There is plenty of variety in beer sizes from pint and jug to schooner and pot, where schooner is 450ml and pot is 285ml. The next time you order beer, keep these sizes in mind.

16. The public transportation in Australia is easy to avail and it's really efficient. There are five options available: train, ferry, bus, light rail and metro. Ferries are available only in cities with a river or harbour network.

17. January 26th each year is celebrated as “Australia Day” and it's a national public holiday. There are many other public holidays as well including the Queen's birthday.

18. Sydney and Melbourne are among the most expensive cities in Australia. Closely following their lead are Perth and Canberra.

19. The smallest change in Australian currency is five cents. The money notes are made of plastic and grow in size as the value increases.

20. Healthcare is totally free in Australia for citizens and permanent residents. However, it is still common for people to buy private health cover for dental, optical and ambulance service as these are not free here.

21. Australia's preferred sports are rugby, cricket and AFL. But tennis and football are also equally enjoyed. In fact, people here are simply crazy about sports. The country seems particularly welcoming to sport lovers.

22. Australia produces the finest wine in the world and therefore booze is like religion here. Not to mention coffee, which is the second most popular beverage in town.

23. The cost of living in the country can be high. The median cost of living for a person living in Australia is about AUD 5000 per month. The average rent price is around AUD 430 per week but these prices also depend on the city you're moving to.

24. International students studying in Australia have to pay more tuition fee than locals. Children of most immigrants study at public schools which are much cheaper than private schools but offer the same quality of education. Unlike American schools, Australian schools have uniforms.

25. On a final note, if an Aussie happens to insult you, don't take it to heart. It is considered humorous in Australian culture to throw insults and swear at their mates, so it's not a big deal.


If you have decided to move to the Land Down Under, there is so much more to know than just the barbecues and the beer, not to mention the hot weather. These facts are interesting as well as useful for anyone who wants to migrate to Australia. And they are particularly good to know for those who are migrating from Europe, America or Asia and haven't visited the country before. It's a good idea to be prepared about anything and everything to save yourself the embarrassment and to avoid the dangers of landing in a foreign land for the first time. Read these for enjoyment but remember them when you land in Australia to make your visit more thrilling and worthwhile.

And if you would like to visit or live in Australia, get in touch with us to discuss various Australian visa options.

Atul Pandey

Atul has spent half his life migrating from one country to another. He moved from India to the US on a student visa to pursue his Master of Science from Penn State University. After spending a decade in the US, Atul migrated to Australia as a Permanent Resident. He is an entrepreneur and is the founder of Wisekangaroo.com. Atul is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN:2016128). Reach him via email: atul@wisekangaroo.com