Engineers Australia is now a nominating organisation for Global Talent Independent Visa

Finding a nominator for the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Visa is often the biggest challenge for many applicants. If you are an Engineer then you can add a new nominating peak body to your list.

Last week, Engineers Australia announced that the Department has accepted it as a nominating organisation for the GTI Program. EA is a peak body for almost all engineering related professions. Until now Australian Computer Society (ACS) was the only option for most applicants who did not personally know a reputed Australian individual or organisation. With EA in the mix, there are now more nomination options.

Nomination Request Process for Engineers Australia

The nominaiton request process for EA is slightly different from ACS. Engineers Australia may consider nominating candidates in all the ten priority sectors for GTI if they fulfil requirements and can provide evidence of their excellence. The candidate must first complete a self-assessment to check if they are eligible for GTI nomination assessment. If they are eligible then they can apply to Engineers Australia to support their nomination.

Who is eligible for nomination by EA?

EA follows the same criteria as the Department to nominate candidates for GTI. To be eligible for nomination, you must:

  • Prove you are internationally recognised, with evidence of outstanding achievements.
  • Still be prominent in your field of expertise.
  • Provide evidence that you would be an asset to Australia, in your area of expertise.
  • Have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in your field.

How to apply for nomination?

There are three-steps to the GTI nomination assessment by EA:

1. Self-assessment for eligibility
2. Application submission
3. Application assessment and nomination

For more details on how to apply for Engineers Australia’s nomination, please refer to the Guide to Engineers Australia's Nomination Assessment and Self-Assessment form.

If you need any assistance with applying for nomination for GTI with Engineers Australia, feel free to get in touch.

Atul Pandey

Atul has spent half his life migrating from one country to another. He moved from India to the US on a student visa to pursue his Master of Science from Penn State University. After spending a decade in the US, Atul migrated to Australia as a Permanent Resident. He is an entrepreneur and is the founder of Atul is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN:2016128). Reach him via email: