July 2021 Updates to FWHIT & Visa Costs For GTI Visa

It's that time of the year when applying for Australian visas gets more expensive. Every year on 1st of July, a number of changes are announced to the planning levels of various visas. Additionally, visa application charges (VACs) charged by the Department are revised up in line with the CPI forecast. This year, as per the Migration Amendment (Visa Application Charges) Regulations 2021 – F2021L00842 the VACs of a number of visas have been increased by 1.75%, rounded to the nearest $5.00 and Business Innovation & Investment Program VACs have gone up by 11.345% + the 1.75%.

So, what has changed for GTI Visa applicants in July 2021 …

1) Visa Application Charges have gone up

DOHA FeesOld FeesNew Fees
Australian Visa Fees (main applicant)AUD 4110AUD 4180
Australian Visa Fees (significant other)AUD 2055AUD 2095
Australian Visa Fees (per child)AUD 1030AUD 1045

2) Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT) has gone up

One of the key criteria for the Global Talent Visa Program is that candidates should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high income threshold. This threshold was AUD 153,600 prior to July 1st 2021. The FWHIT from July 1st 2021 will be AUD 158,500.

3) 2021-22 Migration Planning Levels for GTI are still 15,000

The June 2021 newsletter by the Department of Home Affairs was interesting, in that, it had some comments on the Migration Planning Levels and Global Talent Pathway Requirements.

While it was being expected that GTI visa numbers might be cut for FY 2021-22, the newsletter made it clear that this will not be the case. For FY 2021-22, the planning level for GTI visas has been set at 15,000 which is the same as last year. It is important to note that this number is a ceiling and not a target. What that means is that the Department is not obligated to give out 15,000 GTI visas. However, they will not give out MORE than 15,000 visas this year.

Another interesting thing to read in the newsletter was the comment on the Global Talent Pathway Requirements.

The Global Talent Visa Program is designed to complement, and not replicate, other Skilled Programs. This program is not for mid-level professionals or entry level academics. Candidates must demonstrate that they are amongst the brightest and best in their field in one of the priority sectors. Candidates who have skills of benefit to Australia, but are not industry or academic leaders should consider other visa options.

As part of the online Expression of Interest, candidates must provide information about their identity, contact details, location, occupation, employer, salary, qualifications, details of their achievements in one of the priority sectors and their ability to contribute to Australia.

All fields must be completed in full and in English. Expressions of Interest that do not provide complete information in the relevant field, and instead refer the reader to attached evidence, may be deprioritised or closed.

Additionally, while the EOI application form for GTI states that it optional to have a nominator, the newsletter mentioned how critical it is for candidates to have a suitable nominator.

Candidates should also provide details of a nominator with a national reputation in the same sector as the candidate. The nominator must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian organisation. Candidates without evidence of a suitable nominator will have their Expression of Interest closed or experience significant delays in processing.

Updates on our GTI clients

June/July have been an awesome month for a number of our GTI clients. We have received 3 invites in the last 30 days.

Anecdotally, we have seen that amongst our clients, those who currently meet and exceed the FWHIT by a high amount AND have a suitable nominator, usually receive their invites for GTI quickly. In fact, one of our clients was invited within 5 days. While we would love to take all the credit for it 🙂 the fact is that candidates that can show strong evidence of internationally recognized exceptional and outstanding achievements, exceed the FWHIT and have a strong nominator have a good chance of success with or without our assistance.

If you would like to get your profile assessed for GTI, feel free to reach out.

Atul Pandey

Atul has spent half his life migrating from one country to another. He moved from India to the US on a student visa to pursue his Master of Science from Penn State University. After spending a decade in the US, Atul migrated to Australia as a Permanent Resident. He is an entrepreneur and is the founder of Wisekangaroo.com. Atul is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN:2016128). Reach him via email: atul@wisekangaroo.com