Tag: visa update

Tag: visa update

September 2023 Australian Migration Update – New Visa Planning Levels Announced

Key Takeaways

  • New 2023-24 planning levels set at 190,000 places, a reduction of 5000 from last year
  • Skilled visa numbers for Subclass 189, Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 reduced slightly, GTI numbers maintained at 5000
  • No new allocations for BIIP program. Numbers cut to 0.
  • Most family visa numbers maintained. Parent visa numbers boosted to 8500


Hey there! We wanted to share some of the latest announcements about Australia's permanent Migration Program for 2023-24. As you might've heard, there has been some major changes to the Migration Program Planning Levels for this year as compared to last. The 2023-24 migration program has been set at 190,000 places. This represents a reduction of 5000 places from last year's levels. The program is divided into the Skill stream, Family stream, and Special Eligibility stream. This post discusses the allocation of visas across these streams.

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Budget 2021-22: Latest Updates to Australian Visa Rules

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered the Federal Budget on Tuesday 11 May 2021. I've been pouring over the Budget Documents to identify the changes to the Australian Visa rules. This year's budget has been surprisingly light on Immigration rule changes. Perhaps it's because the Australian Government expects 2021 to be a repeat of 2020 so not many significant changes have been announced. However, it is important to be aware of the latest visa updates if you are a temporary visa holder looking to transition to permanent residency. Keep reading the learn more about:

  • Recent developments in relation to  Coronavirus (COVID-19) and visa processing 
  • Impact of Budget 2021 initiatives on Australian visa applicants and visa holders 
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